C O V I D -19 


The apartments are all sanitized upon each check-out with professional detergents as required by the Italian Health Minister. Moreover, our staff carefully follows our strict cleaning protocol. 

Apart from our usual cleaning detergents, Testa d'Oro's cleaning staff uses the following products to sanitize the apartments:

1. Sanitizers based on quaternary ammonium salts for all surfaces

- The product cleans and sanitizes in a single operation and thanks to its neutral pH, it does not alter the brightness of the surfaces.

2. Disinfectant degreaser: eliminates all types of dirt from all surfaces.

- Contains alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, ortho phenyl phenol, denatured ethyl alcohol DS

- Compliant with EN tests: 1040, 1276 (Legionella pneumophila included), 13697.

- Medical-Surgical Unit Reg. Min. San. No. 18795 and suitable for hospital and food environment (HACCP)

3. Nebulized oxygen peroxide with atomizer: for the first sanitization of all surfaces and fabrics.

- The sanitizer is formulated with active oxygen which develops into hydrogen peroxide over 120 volumes.

- The Atomizer is very effective to fight bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses. Produces low-pressure aerosols with micro-droplets.

The use of all products is carried out in compliance with the warnings on the label or in the safety data sheet.

4. Each apartment is equipped with hand sanitizer at the entrance. Our guests will also find hand soap in the bathroom and kitchen.

5. The laundry is supplied by a professional local company, which carries out high-temperature washing with sanitizing detergents. The laundry is then ironed at a temperature of 180 ° / 200 °.

6. We always guarantee an adequate rate of ventilation and air exchange.

social distancing

Our staff is aware of the social distancing and will be wearing a protective mask throughout: from cleaning to check-in.

clear check-in procedure

1. As per current legislation, during check-in, it is requested to wear a protective mask and to sanitize the hands. Each apartment has its own sanitizing gel. Our staff will wear a protective mask throughout the whole check-in procedure. 

2. Please remember that in Italy, a protective mask is requested both in closed spaces and in public spaces as well.

3. It is required by law to sign the attendance sheet and to measure the body temperature upon entrance.