Terms and Conditions for BOOKING.com USERS


Booking confirmation is done by replying to our First Email “Organize Your Arrival in Venice" which will arrive approximately 40 days prior to your arrival (this timeline will change in accordance to your booking time).

The Testa d’Oro will send you:

➤ First Email: “Organize Your Arrival in Venice"

When: approximately 40 days prior to arrival.

Content: Check-in requests + a Link to all the transfer options to Venice and Rialto.

* Please remember to check your email and leave us a reply to CONFIRM your booking.

** If 20 days prior to check in the guest never confirms his/her intention of coming by replying to our emails, he/she will receive a REMINDER MAIL and SMS, inviting him/her to reply.

➤ Second Email: "Plan Ahead Your Stay in Venice"

When: approximately 30 days prior to arrival.

Content: Services provided by Testa d'Oro Apartments + a Link to restaurants, tours, activities ecc.

➤ Third Email: "Friendly Check-In Reminder"

When: 2 days before your arrival.

Content: Check-in reminder, number and photo of your Check-In Person.

➤ Fourth Email: "Thank you Note"


➤ Guest:

Once a reservation has been confirmed, the following cancellation policy is imposed with immediate effect:

1) If cancelled or modified up to 14 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.

2) If cancelled after the time quoted above, or in the case of no-show, 100 percent of the first night will be charged.

➤ Testa d'Oro:

Testa d'Oro has the right to cancel the reservation if the guest never confirms its intention of coming by replying to our email. The procedure is as follows:

If no response is received, Testa d'Oro will start the Cancellation Procedure:

1) The guest will receive a NOTICE, inviting him/her to Confirm his/hers reservation.

2) If no response is received by then, the guest will be asked to send a deposit equal to a first night fee within 48 hours.

3) At the end of the estimated time, if still neglected, the reservation will be automatically canceled.


Check-in is after 3 P.M.

Check-out is prior to 11 A.M.

*NO extra charges for early check-in or late check-in

➤ Early Check-in or Late Check-out:

Our guests can stow their luggage until the apartment is ready or until their departure. While every effort will be made to accommodate requirements for late checkouts or early check ins, this will be dependent on the availability of the apartment. Please know that we will do our best to facilitate you.


Testa d'Oro would like to greet and help you in person so that you may feel accompanied throughout your whole stay.

➤ Therefore, our check-in person will meet you at the Rialto Line n. 2 landing stop (In front of Travelex) and lead you in person to the apartment, where he/she will guide you through the apartment and the city. Though the apartments are 2 minutes away from the transportation and in the very center, please DO NOT rely on Google Maps as it is incapable to find civic numbers in Venice.

➤ You will receive an email with the number and photo of your check-in person 2 days before your arrival. Any changes will be informed via sms.

➤ It is very important that you CONTACT your check-in person via phone, message or email once you are on the boat to Rialto. If unable to contact him due to roaming or internet issues, you will be given a password to the Venetian Hotspot Wifi.


➤ Rate

Your rate is guaranteed upon booking with Booking.com (The price will be recalculated if more people than stated on the reservation arrive). 

Your rate includes VAT and is quoted in EURO.

➤ Payment

Payment is done UPON ARRIVAL directly to Testa d'Oro. We accepts both credit cards or cash.

➤ Commonly asked questions

1) How is my rate calculated?

Testa d'Oro separates the "Price per Night" from the "Cleaning Fee" and the "Tourist Tax (Resort Fee)."

This is an example of price for 4 people:

Date                         Rate               Price per night*

26 - 27          October Standard           Rate € 190

27 - 28          October Standard           Rate € 190        = Subtotal € 380  +  Cleaning Fee € 40 +   Resort Fee € 12 

                                                                               = Total Room Price € 452

Accordingly, the Subtotal is the sum of “Price per Night,” whereas the Cleaning Fee and Resort Fee are considered extras. The subtotal price plus the extras is the Total Room Price.

* The "Price per Night" is based upon the number of guests added in the reservation. The price changes after 4 guests. Please be sure you have inserted the right number of guest. The price will be recalculated if more people than stated on the reservation arrive.

2) Where can I check the extra fees?

The extra fees (Cleaning and Resort Fees) are shown before, during the reservation and in the Booking Confirmation Email that Booking.com sends you. HOWEVER, the "Print Version" of the Booking Confirmation email does not show the extras. For any doubts you may always contact our Customer Service or Booking.com.

3) But the Cleaning Fee is already included in my Subtotal Price!

Sometimes Booking.com calculates the price differently. When the cleaning fee is already included in the subtotal price, the Resort Fee (City Tax) will result as the only extra fee. As a result, the subtotal will have €40 euros more.

In this case please ignore the + €40 euro stated in our reservation detail.

To be sure please check your extra fees.

4) How much does an extra bed costs?

The maximum capacity of each apartment is stated in our Booking.com page. 1 extra bed or 1 crib/ toddler bed is available upon request.

Price: Adults are charged EUR 30,00 per night for extra beds.

All children under 6 years stay free of charge for extra cribs.

5) Will I receive a proof of payment?

Credit Card payers will immediately receive a receipt to an email account of your choice.

➤ INVOICES: Testa d'Oro's accountant will prepare each invoice at the end of the month. To do that, we will need to know your COUNTRY (Addresses in case of Companies) and DATE OF BIRTH. Please notify your check-in person if you would like to receive a copy of the invoices.

6) What is included in my Total Room Price?

1) Personal Online Concierge Service always at your disposal. You will also be guided through the transportation system in Venice and the city

2) Personal Check-in Person at your service

3) Reservation Service

4) Special Requests Service (for honeymoons, birthdays, anniversaries...)

5)Grocery Service

6) Luggage Deposit

7) Free Wifi

8) Simple Breakfast Kit

9) Venice Map + Guest book with information as well as timetables

10) Prija Shampoo and Body Gel

11) Cooking and Eating Supplies (Seasonings included)

12) Kids extras under request (eg. baby cot or toddler bed...)

13) Amenities present in your apartment 

14) Bed and Bath Linens

15) Iron, ironing board


From the 24th of August 2011, all visitors who stay in an accommodation facility within Venice have to pay the"City Tax." The tourist tax is not included in the apartments rental fee. The city of Venice has announced that the prices WILL change after 2018.

➤ Price (High Season): Adult 1,50 € . Children aged 11-16 0,75 €. Children under the age of 10 are exempt from tax. 5 days maximum charges. The rates listed above are on a per person/per night basis.

➤ Price (Low Season): Adult 1,00 € . Children aged 11-16 0,50 €. Children under the age of 10 are exempt from tax. 5 days maximum charges. The rates listed above are on a per person/per night basis.

*The city tax will always be re-calculated upon arrival.


Current government regulations require all guests to present proof of identity at the time of check-in which will be registered at the nearest police station within a 2-day period.

We will also need your personal email and cell phone number for the invoice and further communication.


EMAIL: info@testadorovenice.com

All emails are sent to the alias email that Booking.com has created for you. Please check your Junk Mail if you do not receive all our message in your Inbox. Alternatively, you could provide us with your personal email for future contact.

WEBSITE: www.testadorovenice.com

FACEBOOK PAGE: To know more about information or activities in Venice, you are very welcomed to follow our Facebook Page. Search for: @testadorovenice

PHONE/ WHATSAPP/ LINE/ WECHAT: You may contact our Customer Service via phone or whatsapp at +39 3475366413


1) Garbage

It is not allowed to leave the garbage outside the apartment, in the courtyard or on the street. The Municipality of Venice has strict laws that fine this kind of behavior. Moreover, it is a sign of respect towards our neighborhood.

➤ We will throw all the garbage at your check-out.

➤ If you want to get rid of the garbage before check-out, please CONTACT your check-in person.

➤ Remember to separate the waste. In Venice we separate plastic/ glass from paper: the rest is garbage.

2) Lights/ Ac/ Heater

Testa d'Oro is eager to help saving the planet. That is why we do not use small Shampoos and Body Gel and big toilet papers. Our cleaning ladies use detergents that minimize the harm to the ecological system. Testa d'Oro kindly ask each guest to beware of the lights, Ac and Heater so as to keep the energy consumption to its minimum level. Therefore, please close these items when you exit the apartment.

3) Smoking

Smoking is NOT allowed inside the apartment. Smoking is allowed outside only.

4) Furnishings and Electrodomestic

Please keep the property and all furnishings in good order. Please only use appliances for their intended uses.

5) Bathroom

DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper. No feminine products should be flushed at anytime.

Please do not use the towels to clean other items. We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the units.

6) Pets

Pets are NOT allowed.

7) Housekeeping

There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate.


Please do not open all electronic devices at once. The maximum potency is 3 Kw.

The italian voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. ALWAYS use a power plug adapter.

IMPORTANT: Connecting an electronic device designed for a voltage of 110 Volt at a voltage of 220/230 Volt can be very dangerous. There is a risk of burns, fires or explosions.

To be sure, check the label on the appliance. In Italy the power sockets are of type F and L.

Do not insert different plugs into the sockets. The fact that the plug fits well in the socket is not enough to ensure that the voltage in use is correct.


All of the units are privately owned; the owners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. Please call us in any emergency happens.

The Homeowners are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.


Our guests can be assured that in the unlikely event of a problem, we will put the maximum effort into rectifying it as soon as possible with the minimum inconvenience.


Your check-in person is available for any information you may need and may book tours, restaurants ecc on your behalf. At any rate, you will also find information materials, maps and brochures for all the attractions and opportunities inside the apartment and in the pdf file we will send you.

Should there be any special requirements during your stay, please contact us so that we can immediately accommodate you.

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