Imagine yourself exhausted. With smeared make-up on. After a 24 hour flight. The baby has been crying -and is still crying non-stop - because of tooth growth. 

Grandpa is inventing new terminologies and a whole set of hilarious body language as we speak. He is desperately trying to ask a 60 -year-old shopkeeper the direction to a non-touristic restaurant as Grandma is badly in need of some sugar charge, as the food offered by the Airline Company was just a handful of rice, 2 carrots, 2 slices of Asian Flavoured beef and one bread as hard as a rock. 

Dad has forgotten his headphones (where?) and thus is opening all the luggage at once while arranging a city tour via phone with your group of friends who are lodging on the opposite side of the city - somewhere near a mask shop, they say. 

You might need us.

Check out the details of our services!

Children and families are our priority. Always.

Relaxed kids, relaxed parents... Or is it vice versa? Kids should explore the world and parents should enjoy it! 

That is why we at Testa d'Oro give special attention to children! We have a number of amenities for kids that we can loan free of charge and others which are available for a nominal fee. 

Also, remember to check out our discounts & special kits for families!

Note that our homes are not “baby-proofed” with respect to sharp corners. Adults will need to carefully watch their children, especially near the windows.


▪️ Crib & baby duvet cover

▪️ Bed Protection for toddlers

▪️ Baby bathtub & Potty for toddlers

▪️ High chair & Cutlery/ Plates suited for kids

▪️ Stroller and/or Baby Carrier

▪️ Board games + Wood toys + Play cards

▪️ Free Netflix & Youtube Kids & Disney +

▪️ Baby Food Thermos

▪️ Thermometer

▪️ Breastfeeding Pillow for moms

▪️ Night Light for kids


    ▪️ babysitting service

    It is due to our staff's kindness, availability, patience, and efficiency that we are ranked high on OTAs. 

    Our staff and we are always communicating, because we believe that advising each other, learning from each other, help each other are ways to 1. create a peaceful workplace and 2. be of use to our guests! 


    Our customer service team speaks Spanish, English, Italian, French and Chinese. 

    We aim to bring you personalized, high-quality customer care so you may feel like someone has got your back from day one. 

    We are available seven days a week to assist you with any questions you might have.


    Online concierge is a courtesy service available to all our guests for a tailor-made holiday.

    Since the reservation is made, you will be contacted by your own personal Online Concierge who will guide you through every step, providing all sorts of information and personalized help. You can then choose the date you'd like to be contacted again to receive assistance.

    Don't know how the transport works? Where to dine? What fun tours are available? Which museums cannot be missed? How to organize a romantic wedding proposal? Our Online Concierge can definitely solve all these dilemmas!


    Our cleaning staff is made up of professionals chosen personally by us, whom we trust, educate and instruct. All the cleaners have years of experience in the field and are highly capable of doing their job.

    Testa d'Oro has selected the best detergents and chosen Igena and Sallò as our primary suppliers, all leaders in sustainability with eco-friendly products.


    Our guests will have a person always available from check-in until check-out.

    Unless otherwise requested, your check-in person will meet you and bring you to the apartment, where he/she will provide all the important information on the apartment and the city.

    During your whole stay, your Check-in Person is also always available for any kind of information, maintenance issues, or reservation.

    Similarly, he/she will be available if you need something you can’t find, or if there is anything you need to make you more comfortable. We'll do our best to accommodate you.

    Contact is made easy with the use of WhatsApp, Line, Wechat, or Viber.

    We are happy to stock your kitchen with your order of extra groceries or daily supplies. Our guest needs only to fill in our form in advance or at the apartment via the QR code and we'll think of the rest. Your check-in person is also always available.


    We have prepared three types of breakfast groceries for you that can be ordered before your arrival:

    There is the Continental Breakfast Grocery kit, the Gluten-free Breakfast Grocery kit, and the Vegetarian Grocery kit.


    You may request extra groceries, usually for breakfast, to be delivered to your apartment. You pay what you buy. No extra commissions. We'll show you the receipt and the fee will be added to your reservation.


    Do you need to send something to your apartment? Contact us ahead of time!