What is the most unquestionable advantage of a hotel? Comfort

Our response, therefore, is to think ahead and offer you first-class amenities, so that you may experience the same level of comfort without having to give up the benefits that holiday rentals DO offer.

And hold on! New Amenities are always on the way!

They say that "the kitchen is the heart of the home," and it's true because this special place leads to what Emma Reed says: "the fondest memories are made when gathered around a table."

And as we strive in every aspect to make "creating the fondest memories"  happen, over the years, we have modernized, renovated, and improved each of our kitchens so that you may feel at home. 

Our kitchens come fully equipped with a hob, oven, fridge & freezer, toaster, boiler, microwave, dishwashing machine, automatic coffee machine (with coffee pods), and cappuccino foam maker. Under request, we also offer smaller appliances.

As for cooking, you'll find all the basics like Olive Oil, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Salt & Pepper, White & Brown Sugar. Everything is sanitized after check-out.

As for the cleaning supplies, you will find a new sponge (we change it upon each check-out), extra trash bags (we care about recycling!), Dish soap, All-purpose cleaner, Dishwasher Detergent, and Laundry Detergent.


▪️ Salt & Pepper & Sugar

▪️ Olive oil & Vinegar & Soy Sauce

▪️ Nesquik Powder & Tea

▪️ Nespresso Machine & Coffe Pods

▪️ Cooking Utensils  

▪️ Cutlery, plates, and cups suited for kids

▪️ Boiler

▪️ Toaster

▪️ Microwave

▪️ Capuccino Foam Maker

▪️ Dishwasher & Detergent

▪️ All-purpose cleaner & a new sponge

▪️ Extra Trash bags


▪️ Baby Food Thermos

▪️ Bottle Heater

▪️ Mini Blender

▪️ Sealing Bags

▪️ Breakfast Grocery Delivery

▪️ Grocery Delivery

We know how important sleep is, especially if you are on a long holiday or on a business trip.

For the beds and mattresses, we have chosen a high-quality Italian brand, Doleran. In addition, thanks to the mattress cover & our periodic cleaning plan, our mattresses have remained spotless. In addition, your bed is prepared "a-la-American Style” with cotton linen, a duvet on winter days or an embossed bed cover for summer.

We also prepare two types of pillows. Yes, because pillows are a SERIOUS matter and extremely SUBJECTIVE. You will find both a fluffy pillow (feather-free) and a memory foam one (neck pain killer) in your bed.

Bedrooms are provided with sheer curtains which let the warm beautiful sunlight through. If you prefer a dark room and total privacy, there are either “black-out” shades or shutters as well. Moreover, to allow you to fully enjoy peace, we have installed incredibly soundproof triple-glazed windows.

Lastly, each bedroom has a space to hang or put your clothes in. You'll either find storage spaces, armors, built-in closets, or walk-in closets. Additionally, each room has its own luggage rack.


▪️ Dorelan 28 cm mattresses

▪️ Mattresses Covers

▪️ Dorelan faux leather beds

▪️ 2 sets of Pillows: Memory foam & Soft Cotton

▪️ Extra single Sofa bed

▪️ Cotton linens 

▪️ Hypoallergenic Duvets (winter)

▪️ Embossed bed cover (summer)

▪️ Triple-glazed Windows

▪️ Suitcase Holder


▪️ Disposable Slippers

▪️ Crib

▪️ Night Lamps for Kids

▪️ Bed Protection for Kids

▪️ Baby Monitor (voice only)

▪️ Nursing Pillow

▪️ Changing Matt

▪️ Ear Plugs

You'll find Prija Hotel Eco-Line Shampoo and Shower gel with extract of ginseng which is an eastern ingredient recognized for its invigorating powers - great for stimulating vitality and energy.

There is also a Hairdryer, 2 sizes cotton towels (one set per each), new rug, hand soap, and wrapped toilet papers (so that you are 100% positive that nobody else used them before).

Loaded with dirty laundry? There is a washing machine & its own laundry detergent, an iron and iron board.

You could just bring your toothbrush and toothpaste from home, and that is it! And if you forgot it, you can request it through our delivery service at any time, and all items will be delivered to your apartment.


▪️ Prija Shampoo & Hair Conditioner

▪️ Prija Body Shower

▪️ Body Shower for Newborns

▪️ Handsoap 

▪️ Fresh cotton towels 

▪️ Hairdryer

▪️ Washing machine & Detergent

▪️ Iron & Ironing board

▪️ Drying rack

▪️ Makeup mirror

▪️ Wrapped toilet papers


▪️ Flat Iron

▪️ Single Use Razors

▪️ Feminine Hygiene Products

▪️ Disposable Cap

▪️ Single Use Toothbrush & Toothpaste

▪️ Baby bathtub

▪️ Potty for toddlers

Groups should find a place where every member can stay together unbothered. No public hallways or stairs should separate them. 

They should have a common space, where the kids can easily watch a cartoon on Netflix while a parent works on a last-minute work assignment (we know that there is always a last-minute assignment). 

They should also be able to share a space to prep their meal and eat together. 

Our 75 to 120 square meters Venice holiday apartments are spacious and come fully equipped and furnished, allowing you to take full advantage of the famous phrase "stay at home, away from home." 


▪️ Free Fiber Optic Wi-Fi

▪️ Amazon Fire TV

▪️ Free Netflix 

▪️ Free Disney +

▪️ Soundproof windows • new 

▪️ Air Conditioning & Heather 

▪️ Complimentary Map 

▪️ Safe 

▪️ Reading Materials 

▪️ Kids wooden toys & Board games


▪️ High Chair

▪️ Thermometer

▪️ Stroller and/or Baby Carrier

▪️ International Adaptor

▪️ Sewing Kit